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"Don't forget to bring the room measurements".
TIP #1
When shopping for carpet, you first need to Test the honesty of your salesperson. When the salesperson approaches you, tell them you would like to browse for a minute and then you'll will have a few questions. Find a carpet that you know is poor quality and then ask the sales person how that carpet will hold up to the traffic you expect for that room. If they are anything but forthright, go shopping for carpet elsewhere. The last thing you need is someone who will say what you want to hear just to get a sale.
You need a Trusted adviser who will be honest and who will explain to you that the carpet you are considering should only be used in a low traffic area such as a bedroom or guest bedroom.  Once you find this, don't go shopping for carpet anywhere else except to make sure the price is reasonable. Chances are that you will get the best value because you are dealing with a true Trusted Adviser.
 TIP #2
While shopping for carpet you will encounter sales staff that are casual and usually cool but do not show up with a bad attitude or try to low-ball already ridiculous low prices unless you want to get dragged out by your eye sockets  banned and blacklisted (pigs get eaten but hogs get slaughtered).
"You get more Bears with honey than with vinegar"
Yes, it is true that customers shopping for carpet are king but these discounters know what good deals they have and it is unlikely that another discount store really  has the same carpet for less so don't play that game.
Also, the carpet you saw at another store may not be nearly as good of quality as the one you are comparing to. Carpets can look identical but be totally different quality and price. Plus it is likely that other customers are considering the same carpet roll that you are interested in. If you get greedy you could loose out on the carpet you really want.
If you need a lower price, be honest with your salesperson and let him/her know that you have x budget to spend. However be flexible. While shopping for carpet at a traditional store and they quote you $4000 inclusive and you can get a similar quality at the discount carpet store for $2000-$3000 including installation, be grateful. I have seen customers drive up in a Rolls or Limo to these places to get one of a kind deals on high end carpet.
If they give you a price of say $2500 (including a quality padding and sales tax). 
DO NOT LOW BALL. Low balling will only show you have not done your homework. Don't forget, this is a discount store so the salesperson already knows you probably cannot get a better price shopping for carpet elsewhere.
DO offer a reasonable counter offer like $2000 but be prepared for the salesperson to come back with a counter of around $2250 which is splitting the difference and that is more than fair. You maybe spending a little more that you wanted and the shop is taking a little less than they wanted. It is a compromise to make the deal. Do not walk away from this deal.  You are doing yourself a favor and crossing a major task off your checklist.
However, when shopping for carpet,  some discount carpet shops will automatically give you the best price at the get go. In this case the salesperson will tell you that the price they gave you is the best price and  they must be confident that someone else will buy the carpet at that price or even a higher price. In this case if you really like the carpet AND the salesperson, then go for it. You have to judge your overall value.
If you feel the salesperson is being honest then you are probably getting a good value for your money. If on the other hand they are saying yes to everything you say then maybe they don't care but just want to take your money. Go shopping for carpet someplace else.

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