Carpet & Flooring: Your Complete Guide!



  1. Your Residence. Carpet ideas that last.
  2. Selling? New Carpet to get your home SOLD!
  3. Rentals. Attract and keep the right tenant with the right carpet.

1. Your residence. Most likely one of the most important investments in your lifetime. It amazes me that people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and much more on what amounts to nothing but a pile of concrete and two by fours but when it comes to the finishing products (the things that help you get real enjoyment from your home) like new carpet, people tend to cut corners.
Having seen for myself, first hand, what works and what doesn't. Having seen the heartbreak. The best advice I can give you is to get the best quality carpet you can afford. Quality is always the best investment in the long run. It can also be a lot of fun. If money is tight, later I will show you where to get the best deal.
First things first. Consider the use of the room. Is the carpet for a family room, hallway or staircase? How much traffic will there be? Do you entertain often or have children or pets? The answers to these questions will guide you to get the right carpet for the room based on the intended purpose of the room. Here is some guidlines to help you.
Heavy Traffic: If you have children or pets. If you want carpet in a hallway, staircase or family room or any room except the guest bedroom, you will need carpet that will hold up to heavy traffic.
  • Frieze
  • Cut and Loop Berbers, Low pile, Low Profile Carpet
Frieze Carpet. Frieze carpet is a quality carpet with a high twist yarn. The tighter the yarn twist, or the higher the number if twist in a one inch length of yarn, the less likely the yarn will untwist and therefore the longer the carpet will retain its "like new" appearance.
Cut and Loop Carpet. Cut and loop carpet is often associated with patterned carpet. This is a great carpet because the style is beautiful and the cut pile feels luxurious and the loops give the carpet "shock absorption" so the carpet is easy to maintain and looks new longer.
Medium Traffic: You are a couple that both work and have no pets or children and rarely entertain guests and installing only in the bedrooms.
  • Any carpet with a high twist yarn, most Frieze Carpet, quality Berber  Carpet. 
Light Traffic:  Carpet only in the guest bedroom that you use once a year for the holidays or the room I call the "museum room": The room you only look at but never walk into.
  • Any Carpet Style

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