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"We will replace the carpet, not the dogs. We love our furry friends".

Hello Friends and Neighbors,
Pet friendly carpet. I get asked this question a lot... What kind of carpet will hold up better if I have cats, dogs or other pets and animals?  If you are talking mostly bedrooms (lower foot traffic areas), then a good stain resistant carpet is a good option. If you are talking higher foot trafic areas such as a living, room, dining room, family room, hall or stairs then you want to consider a stain resistant carpet of better quality construction.

In a nutshell, a carpet made from continuous filament yarn will look newer much longer than carpet made from cheaper staple yarns. Get a carpet with high twist yarns or a good quality Berber.  Lower pile carpet (as opposed to thicker pile carpet) will also look newer longer. Depending on the dogs, (size, age, color of fur etc), I would go with a medium or darker color. I would stay away from light colors. 
PADDING: If you have a pet that is older or not housebroken, you want to prevent the possibility of pet urine from getting into the subfloor. If that happens, it will be a major inconvenience and expense to try to remove the smell later.  If you want to reduce the possibility of unwanted liquids from soaking into your subfloor, get a 8 lb 1/2" thick rebond pad with a moisture barrier. 

If you live in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks or Burbank and you want to avoid getting ripped off, here are some of the best places to get a Pet Friendly Carpet is at Amigo's Carpet & Flooring.
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