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Laminate Flooring
How to measure for Laminate Flooring.
  1. Make a Floorplan
  2. Measure
  3. Jobsite Info
  4. Visit Trustworthy Lamiinate Flooring Store
  5. Installation 

STEP 1. Make a Floorplan. It's a good idea to make a rough sketch of the area you plan to cover. This will help you visualize the area you plan to cover and will assist you in accurately figuring the amount of materials you will need to order. Draw lines to show walls and leave spaces to indicate doors or doorways. Make notes of doorways that will butt up against another flooring type like carpet, tile, linoleum/vinyl or another laminate/hardwood flooring. If the laminate flooring will butt up against a sliding closet door or slidinng glass door, make a note of that too.
STEP 2. Measure. Measuring for laminate flooring is easy. If you have a complecated layout, just break down the room into bite-sized squares. For example: In a typical kitchen measure seperately the area under the refrigerator, stove, breakfast area etc. You may need transitional mouldings. To measure for laminate transitional mouldings, measure length of each doorway where another flooring type will meet up with the laminate flooring (ie: carpet, tile etc). Measure the length of each sliding closet or glass door. If there is a fireplace, make a note of the materials around the hearth and measure each side that will but up against the laminate flooring.
STEP 3. JOBSITE INFO: Check subfloor and determine if concrete or plywood. If concrete, you will need a moisture barrier which you can purchase at your laminate flooring dealer. 
STEP 4. VISIT TRUSTWORTHY LAMINATE FLOORING STORE. The best deals may not come from a fancy store but a mom and pop warehouse type of store. Be prepared. Once you find a store you like, bring your measurements, paint swatches, pillows and anything else you want to hold up against the laminate flooring. Many stores that have the best deals will not have samples available to take home but have large displays so which is great because you can really see the texture, patterns and size of the boards. Not all laminate flooring is the same. I am shocked that some people do not know this. Every industry has good and bad products. Many may look similar, but are completelydifferent quality and price. For example: 3 thick steaks that are the same cut but one could be choice the other select annd the other prime all different quality and at different prices.
STEP 5. INSTALLATION. If you want to get your laminate flooring installed by a professional, some laminate flooring dealers may recommend one. Average cost for an independent installer is around $1.50 per square foot for basic installation. If you want to install on a staircase, I do not recomend for DIY. Too many angles and detail required for this project. DIY: Step 1) Allow the unopened boxes of flooring to acclimate IN THE HOUSE for the manufacturers recomended amount of time (usually 72 hours). Step 2)  Remove wall base. Step 3) Make sure subfloor is level within manufacturers tolerances. Step 4) Install padding Uderlayment. Step 5) Install Flooring Step 6) Install wall base, quarter round. Step 7) Clean floor. Step 8) Enjoy you new floor!

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