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Learning how to choose carpet is important because two carpets can look the same but be totally different quality and price. I’m going to share with you a quick and simple crash course on how to choose carpet. It will take only a few minutes...

When it comes to Carpet, the cheapest, junk piece of carpet will be fully intact at the landfill 1000 years from now, but that carpet in a a high traffic area such as a hall, family room or staircase will look terrible after only a few months. So, it’s not how long a carpet will last, but rather, how long will a carpet look brand new. This is true with all products and not just carpet.
So the first question to ask yourself is; What is the application? or in other words, What is the newly carpeted  room going to be used for?

  • BEDROOMS- Is it for a low traffic room such as a guest bedroom used only once a year at the holidays? If so, then most any carpet will be suitable.  Most of these rooms do not get high traffic so you can put whatever quality you want. Typically, a soft luxurious style will feel comfortable under foot and give you the most enjoyment.

  • If, on the other hand the room or rooms will be subject to a high traffic area such as a family room, hallway or staircase then you need to consider some basic facts about carpet construction.

  • Do you need carpet for a office or business with Heavy foot traffic, then consider a commercial quality carpet.

  • How about an area where you prepare or serve food like a dining room or even a restaurant? In this case you want to know how to choose carpet that is easy to clean.

Again, you want to be informed so you are not doing the job twice, unless you have lots of money to burn.

Knowing how to choose carpet involves knowing how to compare carpet construction. Don't sweat this because it is really easy. BUT... Don't skip either. This is important because two carpets can appear identical but be totally different quality and price. The two most important aspects of carpet construction is Density and Twist.
  • YARN TWIST- If you are considering a plush style or a cut pile carpet. The "twist" is how many times the yarns are wrapped or twisted in a one inch length of yarn. The higher (or tighter) the twist, the better the carpet. And the longer the carpet will look brand new. It makes sense that when the yarns untwist, the carpet no longer looks brand new, but instead will look matted down and worn. Therefore, the tighter the yars are twisted, the less likely the yarns will untwist and therefore the longer the carpet will look brand new. Take a look at the carpet yarn. Get a sense of how tightly twisted the yarns are. Compare the Twist of different carpet styles.

  • DENSITY-Carpet density is the number of carpet yarns in a one square inch of carpet. The closer together the yarns are, the higher the density therefore the less space for yarns to fall or lay down and "mat down" thus the carpet will look new longer. However, higher density carpet may feel hard. Lower density carpet tends to feel soft. You decide which is best for you.

A carpet with high twist and high density will look new longer than other carpet. Because of a higher material content, these carpets will cost more to produce.
CARPET yarns are made from many different fibers-Wool, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester or Olefin, which is better? Again there is no one best answer. It just depends on many factors.
  • WOOL CARPET- Wool is the original Carpet fiber and is soft and very luxurious and is known to age gracefully. Because wool is completely natural, the fiber does not contain toxins. Wool is the most expensive carpet fiber.

  • Nylon- Nylon is a synthetic fiber popular in the construction of carpet  and can be made into a durable, soft carpet yarn. Most BETTER QUALITY and higher end carpet  is made from Nylon fiber. However, just because your carpet is made from nylon does not relate to good quality carpet yarn or carpet. Nylon is not inheriently stain resistant so nylon must be treated with stain protection such as Scotchguard or stainmaster, teflon etc.

  •  Polypropelyne- Another synthetic carpet fiber.  Very popular and a good low cost value.
  • Polyester-If you need a real bold color then Polyester may be the right choice for you. Modern Polyester is great if the yarns are continuous filiment and great for any room of the home. Polyester is a good value.
  • Olefin- A low cost fiber which is inherently stain resistant. Great for lower traffic areas or areas that need to be cleaned frequently.
To continue on your crash course, go from the How to Choose Carpet to the page about CARPET WARRANTIES-WATCH OUT FOR THE FINE PRINT Lifetime Warranty- Sounds good, right! You know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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