Carpet & Flooring: Your Complete Guide!

How long will my carpet last?

How often is carpet replaced?

In the U.S., Carpet is replaced on average every 7 years. Some places like California carpet replacement is much less. Here is a fact to consider. The cheapest crap carpet on the planet will be fully intact at the landfill 1000 years from now. This is not an exaggeration. Yet, that same carpet, (if installed in a high traffic area) will look terrible after only one month.

How long your carpet will retain its "Like New" appearance is what counts.
So, what matters most is not how long a carpet lasts but rather how long your carpet will look brand new.  Here, I share my experience with you so you can easily compare different carpet styles so you will know what you are looking at and you can compare.
This is important because two carpets can look identical but be totally different quality and price. Finding a great Carpet Warehouse is one of a few small and easy steps you'll take to get a great value... This is so easy and will only take a few minutes... Lets get started!