Carpet & Flooring: Your Complete Guide!






  1. Is this your residence?
  2. Are you selling your house or condo?
  3. Are you the landlord of a rental property?
  4. Are you a tenant? 


1. Is the property your residence? Remodeling a room in your residence can be challenging but if you are armed with a little helpful knowledge, it will be fun and easy.


  • Should I choose the paint first or the carpet and flooring?
Should I choose the paint first or the carpet and flooring?
Many people who remodel their home think that because the flooring and carpet gets installed last that they should be the last to be selected and purchased but this is a mistake. Why? Because once the paint is on the wall you might be stuck with going to traditional retail stores. Think about it. The typical flooring store has a couple hundred hardwood flooring colors to choose. The discount flooring warehouse (where you will get the best deals) may have much less to choose. However, the paint store can mix an unlimited number of colors to go with any flooring option. Why paint yourself into a corner?


2. Are you selling your house or condo? Unless you just want to pretend you are selling the property and not actually sell it, you want to carefully consider the flooring options



  • Why should I change the carpet or flooring when the buyer will just change it anyway?
  • What style, color and quality should I choose.
  • What will it cost me?
Why should I change the carpet or flooring when the buyer will just change it anyway? 
You want to make the home look like it has been cared for. The slightest thing can turn off a potential home buyer. If it looks like you cut corners on the carpet, what else did you cut corners on? The electric, plumbing or roof? I hate to say it but it is true and the higher the price the higher the expectations. Same is true if the property is considered an expensive home for your area. If the home is expected to be listed for over $1 million, that is a different level of expectation no matter what neighborhood. Also, if you want to sell your property for the best possible price, put in materials that match the neighborhood, and price. In other words, If the subject property is in Beverly Hills, please install real hardwood flooring and quality carpet and whatever you do, do not put in Laminate flooring. 


What style and color should I choose?


Generally speaking, lighter colors (not white and not too light though) are better than dark colors. Simple patterns or plain styles will work well depending on the neighborhood and price range. Your trusted real estate agent may be helpful and some carpet and flooring stores have experience with this and can help you.



What will it cost me? Cost will vary greatly depending on the type of store and the quality of the carpet or flooring.


  • Shop at home types tend to cost more 
  • Big Box national chains tend to cost more
  • Mom annd Pop warehouse type stores tend to cost less


3. Are you the landlord of a rental property?


  • Get the quality that matches the quality of the rental unit
  • Beige color carpet, laminate flooring for lower end rentals
  • Patterned, Berbers or Frieze carpet and Engineered Hardwood for higher end rentals



4. Are you the tenant of a rental property?

Make sure you get written permission from your landlord before doing any improvements to the property. Beware that some installations require drilling or nailing into the subfloor.