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Carpet Seconds. Watch video featuring consumer advocate Alan Mendelson from the Best Buys TV show as he talks about some carpet seconds at Amigo's Carpet in North Hollywood.

Carpet Seconds. Carpet Seconds can be one of the best values in new carpet, but first you need to know a few helpful tips.
A Carpet Second is a carpet with a flaw. Most of these can be easily corrected during installation. There are 3 basic types or grades of carpet seconds. A Grade, B Grade and C Grade:
A Grade carpet second is a carpet that does not match the carpet sample. Perfectly good quality carpet. No structural defects. No visible defects.
B Grade is a carpet with a visible cosmetic flaw.  Most of these flaws can be easily corrected during installation. A perfect example would be a carpet with a line going down the length of the roll. The installer can simply cut the carpet on each side of the line and remove it and then re-seam the two pieces back together. You usually cannot see the seam.
C Grade carpet second is a carpet with a structural defect. One example is delamination of the carpet backing. Minor delamination can be corrected during carpet installation. The installer corrects this by turning the carpet over on its back and by applying latex to the backing. The backing needs to dry overnight before stretching.
Side-match is a manufactures flaw on a patterned goods. The pattern may not be able to be matched up exactly. This may be noticeable where the carpet is seamed together.
Carpet Shading is a carpet flaw where the color is not consistent from one side of the carpet roll to the other side.  Carpet with shading may be visible where the pieces of carpet are seamed together as one piece of carpet may appear to be another color where the pieces meet.
If you live in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks or Burbank and want to avoid getting ripped off, one of the best places to get great deals on carpet seconds is Amigo's Carpet & Flooring.
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One of the Best Places to purchase Carpet seconds in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles is Amigo's Carpet & Flooring. Amigo's is a favorite stop for designers, installers and contractors:
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