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Carpet Pull-ups. Carpet Pull-ups or take ups can be a great value if you are looking for a good quality carpet on a tight budget. Carpet Pull-ups/take-ups are simply brand new carpet that was installed, then pulled-up or taken-up, or otherwise removed from the jobsite soon after installation.
This carpet becomes a pull-up for many possibly reasons. Before a homeowner markets a property to sell, he/she will many times replace the carpet. However, the homebuyer has different tastes and furniture so 9 times out of 10 this almost brand new carpet gets hauled away to unfortunately the landfill.
Another common reason is that the wrong color or style was accidentally installed. Sometimes the carpet doesnt match the color of the carpet sample therefore it doesnt match the pillows/ paint. When you add the possibility that the manufacturer could put the wrong lable on that roll of carpet, or send the wrong style or color you can see why there are many ways for this situation to occur.
Then add the dealer who can grab the wrong roll and load it onto the installers truck who arrives to the jobsite, gets the key (left under the door mat before going to work), and installs the carpet. When the homeowner gets home in the evening, they discover that the wrong carpet was installed.
This carpet also becomes a pull up if a defect is discovered after installation. There may be a slight line or missing tufts or missing yarns or the carpet backing is de-laminating. You know what they say, someones trash is another persons treasure and these can be a great value for the right person.
The downside is that because they were installed for someone elses home, these odd shaped and size pieces need to be re-fitted for your home. Consequently, you may have more wast. Another down side is that you have to take what you can get. You can't simply special order carpet pull-ups. These are in high demand and not easy to get.
If you live in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks or Burbank and want to avoid getting ripped off, a great place to get carpet pull-ups and other discount carpet values is Amigo's Carpet and Flooring in North Hollywood.
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