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The correct Carpet padding will give you more enjoyment and life from your Carpet. This will only take a few minutes and it's easy.
"Should I replace my old carpet padding if it's in good condition?"
Over the years many customers ask me if they need to replace the carpet padding if it is in good condition. First, the existing carpet padding might not be the proper quality for the new carpet you chose. My response is to always ask if the padding is over 2 years old. If it is replace, here's why... 
  • It's easy, convenient and inexpensive to replace the carpet padding while you already taken time off work, the furniture is moved and all the old carpet is removed.
  • Carpet installers typically do not charge additional to install carpet padding during carpet installation.
  • It's healthier to have new carpet padding.
  •  If your old padding fails so does your new carpet.
If the padding fails, it is a major inconvenience and expense to take off work, move all the furniture, remove all the NEW Carpet, replace the padding, re-install all the new carpet and replace the furniture.
Choosing the correct carpet padding is a simple matter of considering the areas to be covered, and the use (Application) and the carpet style you choose. In a nutshell:

REBOND PAD. Rebond is the carpet padding with chunks of foam bonded together. This is the most common Carpet Padding used in residential applications.

FELT PAD. Felt pad  is padding made from pieces of cotton bonded together. Typically used in commercial applications.
RUBBER PAD. This is the most EXPENSIVE and over rated carpet padding. At first is feels like heaven when you walk on it. However, it de-materializes into dust especially if the carpet cleaner uses too much water. The reason is because it is made of clay and oil. Ever since the 70's, they started making it with more clay and less oil and it becomes brittle in a relatively short amount of time. Ask any installer and they will tell you that rubber pad must be swept up when removed. It literally turns into dust.
JUTE PAD: Jute is a natural eco-friendly pad and more expensive but if you can afford, it is a good option for commercial applications.
WOOL PAD: Very Eco-friendly and good Insulation. Expensive, but if you can afford it is a good value, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals.


"Thick or Thin, which carpet padding is better?"
It seems that many people ask for super thick carpet padding one inch thick or thicker. Your carpet backing materials are designed to have some "Give", however, too much give may cause the backing to "De-laminate" and when that happens, your carpet will quickly wear out. DO NOT use a carpet padding thicker than 1/2 ".

RESIDENTIAL applications. If you use a pad that is too dense, it will feel too hard while a pad that is too thick will shorten the life of your carpet. For quality, most cut pile plush carpet  or Berber carpet,  choose a 6lb 1/2" Rebond Carpet padding. Watch out for clowns who try to pass off 4 lb for 6 lb. For all residential Carpet a 6lb rebond is fine and if you want to upgrade, you could consider a 8lb 3/8" or 1/2" rebond.
PETS. If you have pets consider using 8lb 1/2" Rebond padding w/Moisture Barrier. This will reduce the possibility of any unwanted "liquids" which may seep down and penetrate your plywood or concrete subfloor which would then become difficult and expensive to remove.
COMMERCIAL applications: Commercial carpet is designed for high foot traffic and you'll notice that commercial carpet is much thinner than residential carpet. This is because thicker carpet has more give and while this does feel nice and luxurious under foot, that amount of give can cause the backing to de-laminate when exposed to high foot traffic over time. This is why most commercial carpets are glued down. You can use a carpet padding under commercial carpet, however, use a thin felt pad with a 3/8" maximum thickness or a fiber pad with a 1/2" maximum thickness and you will be fine.
 RENTALS: Some landlords ask for the cheapest carpet padding possible. This is a mistake because the carpet will not feel good when you walk on it and a vacant unit can cost thousands. Better off investing in better quality and this will attract better quality tenants quicker and brings in rent loger because the tenants tend to stay longer and that saves money!

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