Carpet & Flooring: Your Complete Guide!


Carpet Installation Checklist

 "What can I expect during my carpet Installation? Do I need to do anything to prepare for my carpet installation?"
Yes, you have some responsibilities...
Call your carpet installer to schedule the installation and agree on the price. Do not pay the installer in advance of the installation being completed.
Confirm your installation date a day or two before hand.
If the installer has agreed to move your furniture you still have some responsibilities to fulfill PRIOR to the installation date.
  • You need to remove all knick knacks, personal items, valuables. Remove all items from your closet floor and everything from the waist down (dresses, long coats etc). 
  • All electronics must be disconnected and removed PRIOR to the arrival.
  •  Remove dresser drawers.
  • Turn off your Sprinkler system for the day of installation.
  1. The installer needs a large flat dry area (thats why you need to turn off your sprinklers) to unroll and cut the carpet (typically the street or your driveway).
  2. Make sure someone is authorized to go over the areas to be installed and to verify that the correct carpet is delivered. Once the carpet is cut, it's yours.
  3. The installers need a central area to put their tools (usually the entry, kitchen, bathroom, porch or garage).
  4. If you do not want the installers to use your restrooms, put a sign on each restroom door. If you have a designated restroom, please let the installer know and make sure it has the necessities (toilet paper, paper towels).
  5. You need to provide working electricity. The installers will need it to plug in their electric seaming irons. 
  6. The installers will usually cut up existing carpet (to make easier to remove) and place into your dumpster (if you have one). If you want your installer to haul away  the old, they will usually provide this service for an extra charge.
  7. Installers will usually haul away all the left over scraps of new carpet and padding. If you want to have any leftovers and they are part of what you paid for, just ask the installer. It is a good idea to have any leftover for unexpected future repairs.
Do Carpet Installers Vacuum after carpet installation?
Vacuuming after installation is usually the customers responsibility, however most installers will provide vacuum services for an additional charge. DO NOT VACUUM BEFORE ALL SEAMS HAVE BEEN TRIMMED. Otherwise your vacuum may pull threads and yarns and that may damage your carpet.

  • Walls and baseboards may get scuffed up during carpet installation. This is normal. It is customary for the customer to touch up the paint if necessary.
  • Go over every room of the installation and make sure the installation is complete.  Check the perimeter of every room and look where the carpet meets the wall and make sure the carpet is trimmed and tucked to the wall base and other flooring types.
  • Have the agreed payment ready to give to the installer upon completion.
  • Vacuum your new carpet
  • Replace your dresser drawers.
  • Move your electronic  TV's, computers and stereo equipment and re-connect
  •  Re-Set your Sprinkler system
  • Enjoy your new carpet
  • Please refer your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family