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CARPET DESIGN. Great Carpet Design will give you the most enjoyment out of your home and your carpet investment. These tips and secrets from industry insiders will show you how to coordinate carpet and share with you the best places to get a discount carpet for a fraction of the cost you will pay elsewhere.

When considering carpet design, you want to consider the use. In other words, one color or style carpet that will look great in a Living room may not look so good in your Library or game room.
Should I use one color throughout the home?
I often get asked if the same carpet should be used throughout the home and the answer depends on the purpose of replacing the carpet. If you will be living in the home for a while, then you can be creative, but if your are going to be renting or selling the home, then you have to consider the needs of others.
Can I use different colors and styles of carpet for each room?
It is your home and your money so you can spend it exactly how you like. The big plus is that you can get discount carpet remnants and save you around half price. Any area that is seperated by a different flooring type like hardwood or tile could be a different color or style of carpet.
If the Living room, Dining room and hallway are all connected by carpet then it usually looks best if those areas are the same. In those areas you want to put a better quality construction carpet because those areas get higher traffic. Then, to keep costs down, you could put something less expensive in the bedrooms.
If you want to get great interior carpet design ideas I suggest checking out some local model homes. These homes were designed by professionals and you can "borrow" ideas from them.
You will notice many different "themes" throughout the home with carpet design using different color walls and carpet in each room. This is a great way to get the most enjoyment from your home but you must take the time to coordinate everything so it looks like it was thought through.
Do light color carpet make the rooms look bigger?
It depends on many factors. Generally speaking, Yes, carpet design using lighter color carpet will make a room look bright, cheery and bigger. Darker colors will make the room look warm and cozy.
Which color carpet looks the best?
The carpet color that looks the best is the one that you like the most. It really doesnt mtter what others think, but generally speaking, "Earth Tone" carpet colors will always look great because earth tone colors never go out of style.
What is a Earth Tone Color Carpet?
Earth tone colors are colors of natural stones, clays and off whites. These can include all shades of brown, beige, gold and whites.
What type/color carpet should I use if I am selling my home?
If you are marketing the home to sell, then you should probably use the same carpet throught. Color wise, you want a lighter color carpet when selling your home. Why, because people like bright and cheery.
What quality carpet should I purchase if I am selling my home?
You have to consider the competition. I suggest going to some open houses in your neighborhood to get a feel what others are doing but in a nutshell, you want a quality that fits the home, neighborhood and price of the home. It simply does not make sense to invest $80 per square yard Axminster from England when replacing carpet for a starter home.INstead, something maybe in the $12 to $15 range installed.
On the other hand, you don't want to  install a cheap quality carpet if the home is a better quality home otherwise you will undermine the perceived value of the home especially if the home already has other upgrades. Home shoppers are very saavy and trust me they have done their homework so you wont fool anyone except yourself.
Listen to your real Estate agent. He/she knows the market and if they suggest investing in replacing the carpet, then it probably is a good idea. If you have to ask the question in the first place then that is your gut telling you that you need to replace the carpet.

What carpet should I purchase for my rental property?
This depends on the quality of the home and the quality of the tenant you want to attract. Generally speaking, new carpet can help attract and retain a better quality tenant. Happy tenants tend to stay longer and that saves money.
Every time your tenant moves it cost money to clean, paint, and clean or replace the carpet so quality is usually the best investment in the long run.  A good value is a short pile carpet or especially a berber carpet. 
If you already have a tenant and you know what they want then you have to trust your gut.

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