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Carpet Cleaning. How to clean your carpet and help to keep your carpet looking just like new for years. Insider secrets from a retired carpet installer, carpet repairman and carpet cleaning technician. How to avoid getting ripped off.

  1. Carpet Dry Cleaning
  2. Steam Cleaning
  3. Carpet Cleaning Scams 
Carpet Cleaning using Dry Cleaning method. This is a method that leaves the carpet dry shortly afterwards. There are a few different types of dry cleaning for carpet. Some involve applying a chemical powder to the carpet and then using a bonnet to scrub the powder into the carpet yarns. Then you vacuum up the powder and dirt.
 This method is great for high traffic areas that cannot be shut down for a significant period of time to let the carpet dry. A perfect example of an appropriate application for dry cleaning would be airports, casinos and  hotels.
Because this method does not use a rinse, this method is not the best method for residential applications or areas where food is prepared or served like restaurants.

Carpet cleaning using Steam Cleaning method. Carpet cleaning using a steam cleaner is the most effective method of carpet cleaning. This is because if the simple fact that the carpet is rinsed. Rinsing is the most important part of effective cleaning of most anything including carpet cleaning. If you just merely scrubbed your dishes and then set your table without first rinsing those dishes would you feel like your dishes were clean?
There are two basic types of equipment used to steam clean your carpet. Portable steam cleaner or a truck mount steam cleaner. A portable unit must be used in areas where a truck cannot have easy access like certain multi-story buildings.
The truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is by far the most effective at cleaning your carpet. This is because a truck mount machine regulates the water temperature so that the water is hot enough to disolve most substances.
Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is huge and heavy and therefore it is not portable. This option offers much more vacuum suction which removes more dirt and water and therefore leaves the carpet dry when finished.
The problem carpet cleaning is that most people (even professionals) apply too much soap. This soap leaves a residue that acts like a magnet and causes rapid re-soiling of your carpet. To avoid this, make sure your technician first spot cleans and then rinses using only water and no soap during the rinse proceedure.
Everyone gets those pesty coupons in the mail claiming Carpet Cleaning 3 rooms for $14.95 or whatever. But when they show up it's Well mam you need "Pre Conditioning" and thats gonna cost you 30 cents a square foot.  Come on folks! Go with the reputable companies. They will charge you between 20 and 30 cents per square foot to do a proper job.

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