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About Us- Amigo's Carpet & Flooring

Two words that set us apart from the others. 

We care. Once you find a place to purchase Discount Carpet Remnants, if those people only care about the sale and not you, then you may not be getting a good value.




Dear Friends, Neighbors and future customers, 


I have been serving you, your family, friends and neighbors for 3 decades. I really appreciate your business over the years and I am very greatful for all your referrals.

Thank you so much!




To those of you who don't know me, I share my personal philosophy that there are two types of people in this world. 


  1. Decent human beings.
  2. Everyone else. 
I will go to the edge of the earth with you. I will go to the edge of the earth for you to help you, if you are a decent human being. Every one else, there is the door. My motivation is much more than making a living. I am passionate about what I do and the knowledge I have to share. Everything starts with the greeting when you arrive. I greet every person who walks in like you are my mother. My Grandmother and Grandfather... they were the heroes in my life.
My Background in the industry 
My background is carpet and flooring installation. As a retired carpet installer, flooring contractor and professional inspector, owner of a carpet repair service and carpet cleaning business, I have seen first hand which type of carpet styles and colors work for a given room and which look like crap after a month. I have become the Trusted Advisor for thousands of customers.


My customers rely on me for honest and useful advice that will affect their carpet decision. Unlike other clowns in this industry, I never tell my customers what they want to hear just to get a sale. I built my reputation and business on satisfied customers, Not sales. 


Over the years, customers have come to me to share their stories of being taken by some scam or what not. Here I expose some of the common scams in this industry so you know how to spot one and how to avoid being taken. I will not mention any names of companies involved but I assure you, you would be surprised. After seeing first hand what works and what does not and hearing about the different scams from my customers, I want to share with my friends, family and neighbors so they will not make the same mistakes that countless others have and I hope this site will take the confusion out of the process and that should lead to a very rewarding experience for you, your family and your home.

I started installing Carpet in 1982. I worked as an installer for the Carpet Train in West Los Angeles on Sepulveda and I installed in many celebrities homes and met a lot of good people. I have great respect for my mentors. I also installed for other stores. I learned that many of the stores would under figure the amount of materials needed to be lower in price. This caused headaches for not only me as an installer because there was not enough materials to do a proper quality installation, but the customer had more unnessary seams. Not good. I noticed flaws in their techniques and methods of calculating. I felt I could do a much better job than they were doing. I discovered that many details of basic installation of tackless strips and padding can affect the long term viability of the carpet installation and ultimately how much enjoyment a consumer will get from his/her new carpet purchase.