Carpet & Flooring: Your Complete Guide!

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Carpet and Flooring:

Your Complete Guide



CARPET and FLOORING: Your Complete Guide
Everything you need to know about carpet, hardwood flooring and laminate flooring is right here in this comprehensive guide. Secrets from the founder of one the most popular stores in Los Angeles and avoid costly mistakes due to trial and error.
How to use this guide:
STEP 1) Click the navigation bar (left) of the flooring type you want to know about. (Area Rugs, Artificial Grass, Carpet, Hardwood Floorinng, Laminate Flooring, Where to Shop)
STEP 2) Click Application/Use, Styles, Deals or FAQ's. Be sure to check out any videos.
STEP 3) Click Where to Shop in Los Angeles. Although you may skip steps, it is recomended to click through and follow each step.
  1. Application/Use-General. How to choose the best carpet or flooring for the intended use 
  2. Styles. What are the most popular styles and colors and why.
  3. Deals. Which type of store is best for you to shop. Reviews of the most popular stores in the Los Angeles area.
  4. FAQ's. 
  • How to decide if you should go to a shop at home, full service store or a Mom & Pop discount warehouse.
  • Be prepared. How to prepare for your store visit.
  • Should you hire a professional to measure or measure yourself
  • How to decide if I should hire a contractor or DIY
  • Installation Tips of the Pros
  • How to choose a contractor
  • Where to shop if you are in Los Angeles
  • Much more

Consumer advocate, Alan Mendelson talks about some of the deals on carpet and flooring at Amigo's in North Hollywood.